Software I use, devices I love, and other things I recommend.

Below is a list of hardware and software that I use on a regular basis, only one of which is an affiliate link which means I get paid or rewarded in some way if you use it to purchase, but rest assured these are all tools and services I actually use, and you can see me using them on stream.


  • Macbook air M2, 24GB of RAM (2022)

    I recently purchased a new Macbook Air m2 and my god it is beautiful. It is lightweight, fast, and easy use.

  • Mac mini M1, 16GB of RAM (2020)

    Prior to this I was using a custom built AlphaSync Windows PC with an AMD Ryzen 9. This new machine is faster, quieter and does not heat up at all. It also has the added benefit of mac OS development experience which I believe is second to none.

  • 1 x Samsung CRG90 49" Curved LED Monitor

    An ultra wide screen monitor that allows me to have an uninterupted view on code, web and terminal all in one. My productivity has increased quite a bit since using this, and I have to say it is all thanks to this monitor allowing me to tweak my layout exactly as I need it. The quality is also fantastic, however I always keep the monitor in eye saver mode which is a slightly dimmed version.

  • 1 x Samsung C24F390 24" Curved LED Monitor

    Have one nice sized screen which I can dedicate for the constant things throughout the day is super useful. This monitor is what I use to keep things like slack, discord, spotify and emails on. It is always in the corner of my eye, but leaves my main screen available for more dynamic application switching.

  • Corsair VOID RGB Elite Premium Gaming Headset

    I have recently upgraded my headset after using my Google Pixel Buds for quite some time. I loved using my Pixel Buds, but the battery life often was not enough for an entire stream, even after a full charge. So I have recently upgraded to a gaming headset which has a 16 hour charge - which should be much better. It also features directional sound microphone so hopefully it mutes out some noise from the keyboard too.

  • ZSA Moonlander - Blue Switches

    I am in the process of learning to use a split keyboard, when using my Mac mini I always use this keyboard. I am slowly getting the hang of it and don't need the layout up on a monitor all the time anymore.

  • Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat Extended

    I absolutely love having a huge house mat on my desk, it means I never get that frustrating wrist jiggle when you realise you are at the end of your mouse pad!

  • White Top Electric Height Adjustable Desk - 1600mm x 700mm

    This stand up desk is absolutely fantastic, it has memory functions which allow you to preset highs you want to commonly use - and it doesn't cost the earth!

  • Vinsetto Burlap 7 - Point Massage Office Chair Recliner Chair 130┬░Relax Head - Grey

    Words cannot describe how comfortable this chair is, with built in heating mechanism and massage functions ... Never under estimate the importance of the right office chair!

Development tools

  • PHPStorm

    For quite a while I fell out of love with PHPStorm, and preferred VS Code to it. However, recently, I have completely changed my mind and fallen back in love with what PHPStorm offers.

  • Safari Browser

    The safari browser has come such a long way in the last few years, and on a mac I find it to be the most pleasent browsing experience available.

  • TablePlus

    I was a long term Sequel Pro user on a mac because it worked well, but after finding a few issues with the unsupported version I went to twitter and asked advise. Table Plus seemed to be the common pattern in peoples answers, so I went for it and have enjoyed the experience very much.

  • Warp

    I used to use the built in terminal for mac, however since switching to using the Warp terminal I have been more productive and find terminal usage increasingly easier. It works like a combined text editor and terminal, has workflows, and the input stacys at the bottom of the screen so it feels more natural to use.


  • Codecourse

    My number one place to go for learning. Alex is a fantastic tutor and covers a wide variety of topics, I am a lifetime member and have not once regretted subscribing to this service.

  • Fathom analytics

    I can't say just how good fathom analytics is, because you wouldn't believe me. After years of frustration and privacy issues using Google Analytics I made the change to fathom and it has been delightful. I can easily set up and track goals, monitor site statistics, all without compromising my visitors privacy.

  • Laravel Shift - Workbench

    Words can hardly describe how useful this tool is, a desktop application that allows me to do bulk quality improvements to any of the applications I am working on. This is a no brainer and has saved me countless hours already.


  • Raycast

    Raycast is super easy to get started with, and has a tonne of integrations making getting around your mac, and other areas - really easy and convenient.

  • Notion

    I am a heavy Notion user, I use it at work and personally a lot. It gives me the flexibility to create documentation and plans in a form that works for me and my brain.

  • Todoist

    Staying organised is one the most critical things for me, I do a lot and have a very busy life - so having a tool that I can have sync the things I need to do is important. Todoist is the one I have found I will actually use compared to others.

  • Cron

    An amazing calendar application that I have on my mac. I have quite a few calendars that I need to stay up to date with, from work and personal to a shared family, as well as publishing schedules and one for my consulting work.