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Modelling Busines Processes in Laravel

As developers, we often map business processes to digital processes, from sending an email to something quite complex. Let's look at how we can clean this up.

14 minute read

Passwordless Authentication in Laravel

Sometimes we don't want users to have passwords. Sometimes we want to send a magic link to a user's email address and have them click to gain access.

13 minute read

Laravel Response Classes

Responding from your Laravel application is vital, especially when you are building an API. Let's have a look at how we can power up our responses.

7 minute read

Laravel CI with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a fantastic way to run your Continuous Integration workflows, from running your tests to checking static analysis and more.

7 minute read

Getting started with PHPInsights

PHPInsights is a composer package created by Nuno Maduro and is a fantastic tool to get started with analyzing the code quality of your PHP applications.

6 minute read

Laravel Pennant

Laravel Pennant is a package created by the Laravel team that provides Feature Flags for your applications..

4 minute read

Testing JSON:API Endpoints with PestPHP

JSON:API provides many options for filtering, sorting, and including extra data into the requested data using query parameters. Testing this can be frustrating.

4 minute read

Building APIs in Laravel

Building APIs in Laravel is an art form. You must think beyond data access and wrapping your Eloquent Models in API endpoints.

16 minute read

Reducing code duplication

Code duplication is the most painful thing for a lot of developers, you think you have solved the problem, but there are several instances of the same issue.

5 minute read