Consultant, Software Engineer, Technical Writer, and Community Advocate.

👋 Hey there, I'm Steve, but you may know me better as Follow me on Twitter @JustSteveKing . I currently live in the Welsh Valleys, about 40 minutes north of Cardiff, with my wife and kids. I work as a Senior Engineering Manager for a company called Geomiq Geomiq , the UK’s leading digital manufacturing marketplace, which is an on-demand manufacturing solution.

Creating a Password Generator

Password generation is something we all think about doing at some point, but how can we go about doing it and making these passwords easy to remember and secure.

Fun with Refactoring

Refactoring isn't a dirty word, quite the opposite. Refactoring is something that you do when you have leveled up or generally improved.

Valid validators validating data

Validation is a must-have for any modern project, and in Laravel, it is super simple to get started. Let's talk about the different ways we can handle it.

Composition over inheritance in final classes

Final classes, you either love them or hate them. People have been using them more recently in their open-source packages, but what does that mean for you?

Reaching for Facades

Facades, people seem to love them or hate them. Either way, they are a natural part of what Laravel is today. Laravel Facades aren't strictly facades, are they?

Where I Work

  1. Geomiq Limited
    Geomiq Limited
    Engineering Manager
  2. Laravel News
    Laravel News
    Technical Writer
  3. Laravel News
    Lila Fuches Limited