This is my now page, and shows what I am focusing on right now.

As usual, I am creating tutorials for Laravel News , where I write tutorials weekly. This takes up quite a bit of my spare time, as each tutorial I write - I make sure that it is technically correct to begin with by creating a project around it. Seeing if there is a way I can improve it in anyway. I find it is important to make sure I invest enough time in these to make them worth reading.

During the day I am focusing on my day job at Treblle , where I am a Developer Advocate. Right now I am learning all about our platform, building our SDKs and helping us to get more brand awareness in the PHP community around API excellence.

Alongside this, I also run a consulting business on the side where I work alongside existing teams to help their Engineering teams get to that next level, and their products become easier to manage. I typically only work with one client at a time with this, as I like to keep my focus available.