Consultant CTO, Software Engineer, Developer Advocate, and Conference Speaker.

I’m Steve McDougall. I live in the Welsh Valleys in the UK.

I work as a Developer Advocate for a company called Treblle Treblle , a lightweight SDK that helps Engineering and DevOps teams build, ship & maintain REST based APIs faster..

I spend some of my spare time moonlighting as a consultant CTO, and freelance software engineer for various clients from around the world. As a consultant CTO I have been involved in some major Digital Transformation projects, revamping products and departments ready for an acquisition, API strategy and consulting, open source consulting and advising companies on their technical strategy.

I have a YouTube Channel where I stream and release video content which is of an educational nature. The main focus of what I do here is to help combat imposter syndrome in other developers, and spend as much time as I can sharing the knowledge I have built up over the years.