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Laravel DDD - Routing within our Domain

In a normal Laravel application we store all of our routes within web.php or api.php typically, however how does this work with our Domain Driven Design approach? Do we create a routes/{domain}.php file, or do we want to put this somewhere else?

Laravel DDD - Querying Records in our Domain

In the last instalment we spoke about using a simplified version of the CQRS pattern to create commands. This time we are going to talk about the other side to this and talk about queries.

Laravel DDD - Using Data Objects; Domain Commands

In our last instalment we spoke about how we can use data objects and data object factories to escape what I call “array hell”, a place where we have no idea what is in something passed to a method and there is no context or strictness about them. Now that we know how we are going to create these let’s look at a way we can use them!

Laravel DDD - Starting our Domain Code; Data Objects and Factories

This article is taking that next step, creating our domain code. We will being this part of the journey by creating data objects and data object factories. But before that, let's talk about what these are, and why we would use them.

Laravel DDD - Getting started with DDD in Laravel

In a typical Laravel application we are very used to doing things in a certain way, by the book as they say. However there comes a point in the applications lifetime that it is going to be easier to start looking to split this code into Domains so that we can logically group our code.